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Trading Platform

The HydraX Trader forms the core of HydraX. It is a next-generation trading platform for retail traders and professional quants alike.
It brings uniformity to the user trading experience by offering a single point of access to multiple-trading venues.

Professional Suite of Trading Tools

✓ Integration of value-added tools such as customisable scanners, arbitrage matrices, and real-time alerts
✓ Easy-to-use trade management system which enables users to place trades swiftly and reliably across multiple exchanges
✓ Fully customizable layout for any traders' needs

Concurrent Real-time Connectivity to Multiple Exchanges

✓ Convenient access to more than 80 crypto exchanges from a single platform
✓ Singular user-experience: one-stop platform for consolidation of trades, monitoring and portfolio management
✓ Stay in touch with crypto markets across the globe via access to live order books and prices across multiple venues

Cross-venue Price Discovery

✓ Instantaneous pricing of trades across exchanges
✓ Intelligent order management algorithms: smart order routing, decentralised pathfinding, order splitting and arbitrage scanning
✓ Market-making and liquidity provision


Advanced Charting and Tools

✓ Extensive array of charting features: annotations, drawing tools and various technical indicators

✓ Share trading ideas and charts with our community of users

Portfolio Monitoring

✓ Securely connect and manage all of your exchange accounts on one platform. With more than 1000 coins supported, HydraX Trader displays your balances across various exchanges in real time

✓ Integrated portfolio performance dashboard allows users to see order history, portfolio performance, and conslidated profit and loss

Live News Integration

✓ Stay up to date on markets with real-time streaming of news sources, including integrated access to RSS, Reddit and Telegram

✓ Integrated connectivity to streaming video for news and updates from industry influencers

Algorithmic Trading

✓ Simple Javascript-based scripting for implemention of automated strategies

✓ The HydraX Scripting Module contains a library of quant functions, backtesting engine, and clean historical data for the creation, testing, and live implementation of algortihmic strategies

Arbitrage Scanner
& Smart Order Routing

✓ Find cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities with our platform's live arbitrage scanner

✓ Smart order routing allowing traders to execute trades cross-exchange at the best available price

Customizable Workspace

✓ Multi-screen layout manager for the best user experience

✓ Easily drag and drop to arrange different windows. Freely resize to fit user's preference

Other Features

Best-in-Class Security And Encryption

✓ Secure local storage and encryption of user API keys and credentials, enabling users to trade safely

Multi-Device Integration

✓ Trade seamlessly across multiple devices via our multi-OS desktop software and integrated mobile apps

Exchanges Supported

HydraX Trader allows you to simultaneously connect to the top exchanges in realtime.
Currently, we support a total of 85 exchanges including exchanges with the highest trading volumes

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Maximum Trading Experience

Let HydraX Trader Bring a New Level of Price Discovery to Your Trading

Superior Technology

Fully Customisable

Professional Features

Algorithmic Trading

80+ Exchanges Supported


Trading cryptocurrencies is an inherently risky activity which may not be suitable for everyone. We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. You may lose more than you invest. Information on this website is general in nature. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. Trading through an online platform carries additional risks.

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